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WHY XEN TV? “Advertising on Xen TV”



Xen TV has a maximum of a 10-minute loop, and it repeats at least 100 times per day, 3,000 times per month at each location. The highest frequency of Xen TV compared with that of other traditional media increases the impact of your campaign exposure.



Xen TV is located in large grocery markets, which has more than 2.5 million shoppers monthly. The grocery market where Xen TV is located is not only the place people go to buy grocery but also the place people spend time for shopping and dining.



Xen TV has diverse demographic viewers. The age group varies from the late 10’s to the 60’s, and the ethnic demographics vary from Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and so on. Therefore, Xen TV can also deliver messages in different languages at same location.



Xen TV makes you deliver your message to the targeted area and localize your advertisement. Do you want to advertise in certain targeted area or different message in different area? Xen TV can be localized and customized as you want to create.



Xen TV has various formats of contents to meet your requirements such as 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds. Besides the various formats of advertisement, Xen TV updates up-to-the-minute news, daily and weekly weather forecast by region, and entertaining contents such as music video, movie preview, and daily information to get more eyes-on Xen TV.


Video Wall

“One System, Multiple Displays, Infinite Possibilities”

Xen Media has large-scale video walls to maximize the impact of your advertisement on customers. Our video wall solution provides an incredible visual experience for anyone who comes across the display. Image advertisements, special promotions, and information are in sync with your target needs.


Our full motion 40″ 3X2 Multi Video Wall (101″ viewable screen size) and 46″ 2X2 Multi Video Wall (95″ viewable screen size) now offer brands the opportunity to deliver their campaigns on large-scale full motion digital screens.

The Xen Video Wall has a 5-minute loop and it repeats more than 200 times daily, 6,000 times monthly at each location.



Xen Digital Kiosk

“Xen Media offers Digital Kiosk solutions that are world-class hardware and software solutions, with state-of-art contents created by our skilled and experienced design team. The digital kiosks are vital devices in today’s business operation. It is important for business owners to take a second look at the use of these devices because they provide concrete benefits that will help businesses succeed.”

The advantages of Xen Media Digital Kiosk are:

47″ 1080P Full HD Digital Kiosk with landscape type

Sound Supported

Dedicated to one customer

Customized contents and face of digital kiosk

Minimum 1,000 daily frequencies at the busiest spot

Diverse contents such as commercial with special promotion and marketing message

Mobilization – You pick the location, and we will be there.


Your benefit from Digital Kiosk:

Increase Sales

Up-sell with Kiosks Marketing

Enhanced Customer Experience

Increase brand awareness

Updated information all the time



“An innovative strategy of placing advertisements in accordance with connecting to Wi-Fi at high traffic venues”

Once the user is connected to the Wi-Fi, the browser may be redirected to a promotional page



Today, a growing number of people are spending their time outdoors, consistently on their mobile devices to access information. Mobile data plans, however, are slowly getting rid of their unlimited plans, which results in the mass search for free public Wi-Fi. With Xen Wi-Fi, you can trade the high demand of free Wi-Fi with a high supply of direct traffic to the ad.


Follow the Trend with Xen Wi-Fi

  • Trade free Wi-Fi for guaranteed engagement
  • Accurate data collection of engaged visitors

– leads to future promotional retargeting campaigns

  • # of Wi-Fi connected users
  • exposure time per ad per user
  • # of times repeated / day
  • Available for Targeted Marketing
    • Location
    • Age group; 20-40
    • By venues (hotels, café, school) with specific consumer interest

Outdoor Bannners

The Wall Banner is one of the most spectacular and impressive ways of advertisement, since these types of signs are located in the most highly trafficked areas. In addition, the dimensions of this sign are enormous, in which it can easily attract every single person, drivers and pedestrians alike. It goes without saying that these innovative ways of advertising can take you a step further than the others. Xen Media offers wall banners in parking lots and major hallways of the mall, which cannot be missed or avoided.


Put your message in front of consumers during their entire shopping trip. Xen Cart AD places your advertisement on the front and on the inside of shopping carts, while also delivering the message throughout the whole store.

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